Disney‘s star-studded and series of live-action remakes continues with Aladdin, which is due to land in cinemas later this month and will no doubt make insane amounts of money.

The sequence everyone is waiting to see is the new version of ‘A Whole New World’, which was briefly glimpsed at in the trailer. Now, the House of Mouse has released a brand new clip which shows Princess Jasmine and Aladdin (as Prince Ali) about to embark on their magic carpet ride.

Obviously they’re not going to show off the whole main scene from the film in a YouTube video, cutting off just before the singing starts… you teases.

Having said that, we are really liking Power Rangers star Naomi Scott as Jasmine. She’s just got it down, hasn’t she?

Guy Ritchie’s remake also has lined up rising star Mena Massoud to play the titular role, Will Smith to play the Genie, and Alan Tudyk to voice the parrot Iago.

Original Iago voice actor Gilbert Gottfried isn’t best pleased about the recast, though (especially since Frank Welker is reprising his roles of Abu and the Cave of Wonders).

Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake is due to fly into cinemas on May 24. Meanwhile, the cast will appear on BBC One’s The Graham Norton Show this Friday (May 10).


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