BY James White, EMPIRE

In the world of casting hotly anticipated projects, particularly those featuring one of the world’s most famous comicbook heroes, the news can come thick and fast. Take The Batman, which Matt Reeves has been shepherding for a couple of years now. Reports surfaced – from respected trade magazine Variety – that Robert Pattinson had scored the role. But, as it turns out, the situation is not quite as clear cut. Because while he’s certainly a front-runner, Warner Bros. is also considering Nicholas Hoult.

By the time you read this, there may have been an update and an actual decision made; for now, while Pattinson was reportedly in negotiations, he may not be the final choice. He’s certainly an interesting one, having swapped the blockbuster likes of the Harry Potter and, more prominently, Twilight franchises for more layered, arthouse fare. This would be a return to high-profile, bigger-budget cinema, but in Reeves’ hands it should be something fresh.

Hoult, meanwhile, has been switching between the superhero likes of the more recent X-Men movies and films such as The Favourite and Tolkien. He can certainly handle the demands of both Bruce Wayne (who will be younger here than Ben Affleck‘s version) and the Caped Crusader.

Whichever it ends up being – assuming someone else doesn’t take the role – Reeves will be aiming for a 25 June, 2021 release date.


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