By Alicia Adejobi, Metro UK

Love Island have cast a ‘plus-size’ contestant in their attempt at diversity this series, but Jameela Jamil doesn’t think the woman is plus-size at all.

Anna Vakili, 28, is among the new batch of contestants in the ITV dating series who will make their debut next week. The pharmacist, who has Iranian heritage and hails from London, has earned comparisons to Kim Kardashian thanks to her looks and no doubt her body shape.

But Jameela, 33, is unimpressed with Love Island casting her as the sole so-called ‘plus-size’ woman.

The Good Place actress told her Twitter followers: ‘The producers of Love Island think this slim woman counts as their new token “plus size” contestant?

Are they drunk?’ Many of Jameela’s followers agreed with her, including one who replied: ‘Thank you for stating that. Curves in all the right places etc. Honestly it’s not even funny.’ Disappointed at the lack of diversity, one critic said that while Anna is ‘gorgeous’, she’s not the true representation of curvier women they hoped for.

They explained: ‘They’re too ashamed to have a person without a small waist on their show and this is the issue we have with it. PEOPLE COME IN MORE SHAPES AND SIZES OTHER THAN AN HOURGLASS!!!! this woman is gorgeous but is not the plus-size representation we hoped for.’

But another actually expressed their relief that Love Island hasn’t cast a larger woman as of yet, for fear of the ‘abuse’ they would receive.

‘Can you imagine the abuse an actual plus size person would get though? I’m plus size, and I’m ALL for inclusivity, representation and normalisation of fatness, but people are generally awful. Personally I think the hate would do more damage than the representation would achieve,’ they said.

In her first interview, Anna said of her personality: ‘I’m difficult to handle, I’m a drama queen and I overreact. ‘I’m clumsy and I’m a messy eater, I spill my drinks all the time. I’m stubborn as well, if I’m in a mood then it’s really hard to get me out of the mood.’

Love Island will return to ITV2 on 3 June. 


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