Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox Tease Friends Reunion During Girls’ Night

The one where we’re extremely jealous we didn’t get an invite…

Harry and Meghan’s home renovations cost £2.4m in taxpayer funds

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s home was renovated with £2.4m of taxpayer-funded costs, royal accounts show.

The UK’s biggest girl band hits revealed

The Spice Girls’ Wannabe has been named the UK’s best-selling single by a girl group, 23 years after it was released.

Over 24,000,000 Brits ‘self-medicate with alcohol and drugs to cope with life’

Nearly half of Brits self-medicate by using drugs, alcohol and sex to cope with mental health symptoms, according to a new study.

Jameela Jamil slams Love Island for casting ‘slim woman’ as ‘token’ plus-size contestant

Love Island have cast a ‘plus-size’ contestant in their attempt at diversity this series, but Jameela Jamil doesn’t think the woman is plus-size at all.

Boris Johnson to appear in court over Brexit misconduct claims

MP summonsed to face accusations relating to comments made in run-up to EU referendum

This is the best cereal to eat at breakfast if you want to lose weight

Weight loss can be a difficult process for many people who struggle to shed the pounds. Sometimes little tweaks can make all the difference – starting with breakfast.

Sally Rooney trumps Michelle Obama to book of the year title

Despite the former first lady’s memoir Becoming rapidly outselling Rooney’s Normal People, British book award judges give top prize to Irish writer

1,000 redundancies as Jamie Oliver restaurant chain collapses

The celebrity chef said he was ‘deeply saddened’ by the collapse, after the failure of a last-ditch effort to secure new funding.

Liposuction rise linked to gym wear trend

More women are seeking liposuction, possibly to get a body that looks good in trendy gym clothing, according to a leading cosmetic surgeon.

Is an influencer promoting your business? Sign an agreement – or risk getting burned

Social media celebrities can help create buzz – but as an Australian cafe owner learned, you may end up paying more without a written deal

Alabama boycott builds as states retaliate against abortion law

A movement to boycott Alabama over its near-ban on abortion gained momentum Thursday as officials in Maryland and Colorado called for economic retaliation and online flyers urged people not to buy anything in, or from Alabama.

One in three UK teenagers ‘ashamed of their body’

Almost a third of British teenagers feel ashamed of their body, with imagery of “idealised” bodies on social media driving their insecurity, new research has found.

Exercise is better than a pay rise for your mental health, study finds

Bigger biceps and a better bench press may strike you as the most obvious reasons for getting a workout in. But research suggests hitting the gym is also great for your mental health too.

When is Father’s Day in 2019? Here’s why some countries celebrate dads on a different date to the UK

FATHER’S DAY is one of those dates in the year you really don’t want to forget – but it can prove annoyingly hard to keep track of, because the date changes every year.

More Single Women Are Having Fertility Treatment Alone– Here’s Why

The number of single women who decide to become mothers with the help of donor sperm is increasing, a new report reveals.

Meghan and Harry share first picture of baby Sussex on Instagram

Reeling from the birth of their first baby together, the social media savvy Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared their first post about their son.

Fashion backwards? H&M to trial sales of vintage garments

H&M will trial sales of second-hand and vintage clothes as it seeks to tap into consumers’ growing concerns about the environmental cost of fast fashion, its head of sustainability said on Friday.